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Orgonflow was founded by Martin Ruckli (DJ Amanita) and Thomas Kunz (DJ Syntax) in early 2002, as they decided to move together and produce Psy-Trance. They're supported by Sascha Santschi (DJ Sanschay) since summer 2003. In January 2006 Thomas Kunz will made a brake for an indefinite time. In the end of 2006 the debut Album No Time to be Sick where finished and released on Woodroom records, and goes around the world. After a while more and more Sascha Santschi was the one that  pushing the Orgonflow project forward, still with Martin Ruckli in the backround. Now we are supposed to be playing at the most various parties in Switzerland and around the world like Universo Paralleo Festival in Brasil. Behind us lies quite a way of learning by doing, using our senses, our abilities and facilities. But the most precious help and assistance we got from our friends, like Simon aka Freakulizer (Alchemy rec.) and Michi aka Dancing Devil (Woodroom rec.) – thank you!

Sascha Santschi

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born 17th June 1980. DJ Sanschay has been taking part in the scene for over 12 years, he's touring as a DJ for more than 8 years and has played at the most various parties. At a point he felt he needed more than playing records (he's still having a lot of fun with it, though). He

started producing his own music – on PC first. For about a year he studied the matter throughly. With a lot of help from Thujon and many other artists, DJ Sanschay got on with producing at a good pace. In summer 2003 he eventually met Martin and Thomas; The Orgon Flow project started rolling. "All the time I've been producing, I never focused on a musical direction, in the end I anyway do what I like to do.

Martin Ruckli

martin pic 1-1-120-90-80-c-rd-255-255-255born 15th June 1981, made his first musical attempts with a Roland MC505 and Fruity loops 2, he had borrowed from a friend. He liked playing with sounds and triggers more and more, until he decided to buy a Groovebox. Soon VST and VSTI were called to take part in the game. After (summer 2000) he met Thomas Kunz (DJ Syntax) and they gave birth to the Orgon Flow project.